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Stella Pende

One year old female. Small medium height, black short coat, brown eyes and long snout.
“My name is Menade, I am twelve months old and, like every priestess of the god of wine, I live in front of the house of my unique husband, Bacco. I am black and shiny like the night. I dance to the stars for him, full of his nectar. My tail straightens in the air like an inebriated comet. After having howled my passion to the moon, he appears and he, My God, makes me dance and he whispers all his ardour into my furry ears. So I learnt total loyalty and happiness. For that I am able to give passion and joy to every human asking for.”

Pointer type male. Medium height, white short coat with black spots. Sociable character.
“They found me in the granaries of the Forum while I was devouring a tasty pizza made from the golden grain of our harvests. I am Odone, I trade in perfumes and cosmetics. My mother, Setterina Patrizia had black and white patches and suckled us in the gardens of Pompeii, where bluebells and flowers delighted our puppies’ sense of smell. And scent entered into our lives. For this reason my silky shining fur shall be the joy of anyone who wants me forever.”

Five years old female. Medium short height, black coat with a white strip on chest and snout. She’s altered. Very sociable character.
“In the quarter of the ancient baths at Pompeii, where I roam freely, they call me Polibia. I am two years old and like each respectable member of my family, I am a freed-slave and when possible I choose this humid warmth area that gives body to my fur and soothe my poor tired paws. My doggy friends at Pompeii say that I am magic because, suddenly one morning, my tail awoke with a white wisp, but they don’t know the truth. One night at the bath I was immersed in the warmth of the pool, when, Apollo the Beautiful, revealed himself showing his muscles and vigour on the purple glitter coach, wrapped in a cloud of smoke. But he was also very annoyed to find a hairy freed-slave in his favourite waters. So, furious, he caught me by the tail and threw me out of the bath and this divine touch lightened my tail tip.”