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Meleagro is a male dog, three years old. Medium size, brown long hair and black snout. Nice and quiet but wary. View Meleagro’s profile »
Who was Meleagro
Meleagro was the son of Oeneus, the Etolis king from Calidone, and of Althaea. Meleagro was one of the best and valorous javelin thrower, he married Cleopatra Alcyone, daughter of Idas. After a good harvest, Oeneus honored all other divinities, unfortunately he forgot Artemis (daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo). She got very angry and sent a wild boar that frightened people and destroyed the harvest in Calidone. Meleagro called the most famous Greek heroes together to avert the tragedy and to fight the wild boar. Atalanta, a beautiful women

from Arcadia, was among these hunters. Meleagro immediately fell in love with Atalanta. During the wild boar hunting, many heroes were wounded and killed, only Meleagro was able to finally kill the wild boar with his javelin. Meleagro offered the fleece of the animal to Atalanta and in doing so he provoked the anger of the other hunters. War broke out and both Atalanta and Meleagro died.
According to the mythos, before dying Atalanta gave birth to Meleagro’s son: he was called Partenopeus.