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Adoption Rules

Adoption rules
1. Italian or foreign visitors, interested in adopting a dog from Pompeii, shall fill the document (attached A) and the application form (attached B).
He/She shall deliver these documents to:
– volunteers LAV in the Pompeii archaeological area
– email address adozioni@icanidipompei.it
– mail address specified on the document (attached A)
2. LAV- Lega Anti Vivisezione, according to the Agreement 11/11/2009, makes sure that the dog is registered, provided with a tag and a microchip, sterilized and then LAV starts the procedures to get European Passport.
3. LAV checks the document and the application form to express its advice and to authorize the adoption.
4. The adopter, with own ID (identity document) and passport, will receive the adoption certificate and will be a guest in the archaeological site for one day.

The adopter should be over eighteen and he should have not been condemned for crimes against animals. The adopter hereby declares to respect and look after the dog, offering him:
– warmth and safety
– care and veterinary assistance (cyclic controls and other relevant treatments)
– psychic, ethologic and hygienic wellbeing.
The adopter hereby declares also to inform LAV in the case of permanent renounce to look after the dog.

Cruelty to animals or their incorrect care, verified by competent authorities and organizations for animal rights or zoophiles vigilantes, are prosecuted under law and it also determines the override of the adoption act.